Trying to Conceive

Here are resources that we found useful (or that friends have found useful) when trying to conceive (TTC):

Physical Preparation

  • Diet: Weston A. Price fertility diet (minus the raw milk)

    • Nina Planck also has a great book "Real Food for Mother and Baby" that has some good advice

    • the key is to be well-nourished...Lizzie's fertility acupuncturist says she has to tell women "coffee is not breakfast!"

  • Tea/Infusion: nettle & red raspberry leaf tea

  • Vitex: Lizzie didn't use this but some people find it useful

Emotional / Spiritual Preparation

Just as important (for some couples) is preparing emotionally and spiritually for becoming a parent.

  • Flower essences - Lizzie especially found She Oak to be useful, especially for dealing with emotional trauma following a miscarriage (see more about this below), same with Bleeding Heart

  • Relaxation/vacation - finding ways to reduce stress (including self-induced stress about trying to conceive!) is important...sometimes taking a vacation is a good way to help this!

  • "Clear the Portal" - one of our birth coaches said that anything getting in the way of you becoming a parent can be a blocker—so try to let go of pent-up emotional/spiritual baggage


  • ...can be very helpful in preparing for pregnancy (and maintaining good health during pregnancy)

  • see Pregnancy Page for resources in SF...Amanda was able to help even 50+ year old women conceive!


First, if you're between 35 and 39, read this article from the Atlantic about how the conventional wisdom about these ages isn't true, and how timing makes a bigger difference.

  • Kindara app/Wink thermometer - measuring your basal body temperature is very useful, and Kindara's Wink device is a beautiful, easy way to do it; it automatically syncs with the Kindara app, which is very easy to use

  • Fertility awareness - becoming more familiar with your monthly cycle, including what the vaginal fluid feels like, will help you get in sync


A lot of people avoid talking about it, but miscarriage is very common, especially for first pregnancies, and it can be heartbreaking. We suffered a miscarriage before we got Adam, and it took a while to recover (both physically and emotionally).