Baby Stuff to Buy (or Not)

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Reviews, information, etc. about baby gear:

You Don't "Need" Much

The Baby Industrial Complex can be overwhelming, but remember that people have been successfully raising babies around the world for thousands of years without all this stuff. The following is probably the bare minimum:

...everything else is pretty much optional/nice-to-have. Strollers, cribs, nurseries, etc. are not necessary, especially early on. You might need bottles/pumps depending on your work/feeding situation. (...for an alternative view on "baby gear is awesome", Kevin Roose's essay in the NY Times is pretty good, and he has his own obsessively-researched list.)

"The Best Stuff" we found:

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What you DON'T need

Knowledge Is Power

You don't need an instruction manual for your baby—and some books (like the "What to Expect..." series) probably cause more harm than good for many parents by freaking them out. Nevertheless, we found the following to be useful: