Solid Food Tips

Once your baby is ~6 months old, they are old enough for solid are some products, etc. that we found useful:

Baby-Led Baby-Led Weaning: Let the Baby Decide

Lucie's List has a nice summary of our philosophy, which is "let the baby eat what he/she is comfortable with". Both our kids really wanted to eat on their own, not be we followed a more "Baby-Led Weaning" method. However, if they had wanted to be fed by adults, we'd be cool with that, too.

What to eat?

We found it easiest to just feed our kids what we were eating—sometimes mashed up or cooled down, but there wasn't any need to make something special for him (other than bananas—good Lord the kids loved bananas!). We tried to expose them to a wide range of flavors, but staying away from sugar. We really liked the advice in Nina Planck's Real Food for Mother and Baby

Helpful Solid Food Products

Helpful Stuff (...but brands don't matter)

We found the following things to be helpful but the specific brands seem pretty much alike:

May be Helpful?

The following stuff may not be for everyone: