Getting a Passport in San Francisco

Notes on how to get a US Passport in San Francisco:

Do you meet the requirements to renew by mail? Lucky you!

Otherwise, you'll have to apply in are the places you can do that in San Francisco (long story short is you'll probably end up at the P&DC Post Office in Hunter's Point):

  • Need your passport in less than the routine processing time (6 weeks as of April 2016) for upcoming international travel?

    • San Francisco Passport Agency

    • M-F 8-4

    • 450 Golden Gate Ave (Phillip Burton Federal Building), 3rd Floor, Suite 3-2501

      • Note that as of 2016 it is no longer at 95 Hawthorne St

    • Official Website

    • Call for appointment 877-487-2778 M-F 8-10 and Sat 10-3 Eastern (in other words, M-F 5-7 / Sat 7-12 Pacific)

      • note that as of December 2015 they'll only give you an appointment if you have proof of travel within 2 weeks (or need a visa within 4 weeks)

      • appointments aren't required—they just let you skip (some of) the lines

    • Yelp reviews recommend getting there ~30 minutes before your appointment time...they also recommend getting there ~6 AM if you don't have an appointment

    • Typical turn-around time is 8 business days, but for imminent, ticketed international travel they can usually get you the passport sooner

      • it's not unheard of to even apply & receive your passport the same day

    • Note: costs $60 extra for Expedited Service

  • Otherwise (full list at

    • SF P&DC Finance Post Office (Hunter's Point)

      • 1300 Evans Ave

      • Passport Hours M-F 7:30-3:30 and Sat 7-12

        • (note that their website says they open at 8 AM on Saturdays but according to a postal worker in April 2016, they open at 7)

      • 415-550-5211 --> no longer does appointments (as of April 2016)

      • Saturdays are the most busy day, and they only accept 75 applications on that day—so get there early (before they open at 7 AM to be sure of getting a number)

        • weekdays are drop-in and generally less crowded...we went on a Thursday at ~12:45 which seemed ideal (they were on number 9 and we pulled number 14, and were seen within ~20 minutes...the whole thing took less than an hour)

      • Yelp reviews suggest that on Saturdays sometimes all the walk-in numbers are taken before 8 AM

      • Details from USPS

    • Marina Post Office

      • 2055 Lombard St

      • By appointment only M-Th/Sat 10-3

      • 415-351-1875

      • Yelp reviews suggest that they never pick up their phone to allow you to make an appointment, and if you go in person they're usually booked over a month...and sure enough, when I called in April 2016, they didn't pick up their phone

      • Details from USPS

    • Noe Valley Post Office

      • 4083 24th St (@ Castro)

      • By appointment only during M-F 10-3:30

      • 415-821-3914 or 415-821-3863...when I called in April 2016, the earliest appointment was July

      • Details from USPS

    • Excelsior Post Office

      • 15 Onondaga Ave (between Alamany & Mission, just south of Ocean Ave)

      • 415-334-1057

      • By appointment only during M-F 10-3

      • Details from USPS

    • San Francisco Treasurer/Tax Collector

      • City Hall, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, Room 140

      • By appointment only during M-F 9-11:30 and 2-4

      • Call 311 or 415-701-2311 or book online (as of April 2016 the next slot was mid-June), can be scheduled up to 60 days in advance

      • Details from SF Treasurer website

...note that options are pretty slim if you work Monday through Friday (!).

Stuff to bring: