Thai Cooking Schools

  • --> Silom Thai Cooking - Hilariously catty instructor Sanusi Mareh leads classes of about a dozen students through the market and then through a whirlwind of classic Thai dishes in his house a few blocks away. A great experience, with great food!

  • Blue Elephant - upscale/professional class, Sathorn Soi 3 South Sathorn Rd, Bangkok 10120, Thailand, +66 2 673 9353,

  • Khao - Khao San, D&D Plaza, 68-70 Khao San Road Email:, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand, +66 8 9111 0947,, M-Sat, good review at

  • Baipai Thai → in suburbs, hard to get to?

  • Epicurean Kitchen → 10/2 Th Convent, Th Silom, [website seems to be for the food brand, not cooking classes??], 0 2631 1119, 9.30am-1pm Mon-Fri (also nearby but not on weekends)


Restaurants near Silom

  • Taling Pling - 60 Soi Pan (connecting Silom & Sathorn), great, local thai food, duck panaeng, chicken in pandanus leaf, etc. ...also ground floor of Siam paragon, (Reviews: pling

  • Sra Bua → corner of Silom & Convent, next to Starbucks, rec’d by several Chowhounds restaurants/

  • Seafood Market - Soi 22 Sukhumvit - rec’d by several chowhounds

  • Eat Me: down Silom a ways, Aussie-Thai run, fusion dishes (like lemongrass crème brûlée) also Time Out:

  • Hai, Isan - 2/4- 5 Soi Convent, lots of Thais, staff doesn’t speak English

  • Lek Seafood, Soi Phiphat, SE, near Sathon “the sort of establishment that brings international foodies to Bangkok in droves”: spicy crab salad w/ lemon grass, spicy catfish with toasted rice, fried grouper, etc., rec’d by several chowhounds, near Chong Nonsi Skytrain/Metro...not to be confused with the touristy Rut & Lek

  • Ruen Urai, Rose Hotel, Thanon Surawong,

  • Khrua Aroi Aroi, Th. Pan, near Wat Khaek off Silom, good curries

  • Pet Tun Jao Tha, just up the river near N4 Marine Department river taxi stop, near River City, duck & goose

  • Somboon Seafood - 169 Surawong, chowhounds say it’s toursity, huge place, chilli crab curry, tom yum goong

  • The Blue Elephant - slight fusion, 233 South Sathorn Rd, also has a cooking school

  • Harmonique, 22 Charoen Krung Soi 34, Bangkok 10500, Thailand, +66 2 630 6270, just N of Mandarin Oriental

  • Thiptara, across the river at the Peninsula hotel

  • Ban Chiang - 14 Sri Vient Rd, just SE of Lebua, off Surasek, popular with farang,

  • Banana Leaf - 191 Silom Rd, in Silom Complex, good options in shopping center

  • Eat Me

  • Pen - 2068 Thanon Chan [a ways south] “where true seafood aficionados go to splurage”

  • Salathip - at Shangri-La hotel

  • Zanotti - Italian, rec’d by a few chowhounds

Restaurants in Siam Area

- branch of Taling Pling

- Cafe Chilli

- Food Loft (in Central department store)

- Nguan Lee (N of Lumphini Park)

- Cabbages & Condoms - 10 Sukhumvit Soi 12, 02-229-4610, 11-10 daily

Soi Pradit → between Surawong & Silom, good curries, kanom jeeb, etc.

...also Silom/Convent corner: moo ping (bbq park skewers)

- Baan Klang Krong → a ways south Nang Leong Market → highly rec’d, just S of Dusit Park, Thanon Nakhon Sawat, 8-3 daily leong-market

- Kaloang Home Kitchen (homestyle cooking SW of Dusit):

Sukhumvit Soi 22...well down the soi, Ruaan Mallika, turn R at 7-11

Nathorn Market -- curries

Near (SE of) Victory Monument: Soi Rangnam, has several Isaan (Northern cuisine) restaurants, including Isaan Rot Det (

Krua Apsom → S of Democracy Monument, good reviews (NY Times, etc.) but still good

Talad Rot Fai or the Old Train Market → similar to Chatujak weekend market, but more exciting, near Kampaeng Phet MRT Station (exit 3, W on Kampaeng Phet Road)

Restaurants in Other Neighborhoods

- Thip Samai (supposedly the best pad thai in town), 313 Mahachai Rd, near Golden Mount,

- Soi Polo Fried Chicken (Kai Thord) - E of Lumphini Park, great fried chicken, and they deliver (?)

Bo.Lan → 42 Sukhumvit 26 Soi, fancy, but great--often on lists of “best restaurants in Bangkok”, founded Slow Food Bangkok: perfection

- Chote Chitr