Wedding Planning Advice

Best website/blog

...which even goes into details like how much booze to buy

General Advice

  1. Remember it's just a party (beware the Wedding Industrial Complex)

  2. Figure out what you care about (e.g. for us it was "everyone has fun" and "good food") and don't stress the rest

  3. A good Day-of Coordinator is worth his/her weight in gold

  4. Savor the moment!!

Other random logistics

  • In general we've had the most fun at weddings where there's a whole weekend of just hanging out & spending time with the couple; consider doing something like this

  • Make it very clear to people when/where they need to be, what the dress code is, etc.

  • Don't be afraid to send out multiple waves of invitations, once you start getting responses

  • We decided to hand out cake to everyone as a couple, which substituted for a traditional "visitation line"

Vendors We Used

Notes from our own wedding at Pie Ranch in Pescadero, CA in 2014:

Day-of Coordinator

Alyssa Griffith

--> now runs her own place, she was awesome!! (she is also a contributor to

Rental Equipment

Alexis Party Rental --> used them for tables/chairs, etc. they were recommended by Pie Ranch and did a good job


Ian Martin

--> really good "documentary" style photos (not too many posed)


Roli Roti

--> both rotisserie chicken & porchetta were a big hit...we brought our own wine from BevMo

Sound Systems/Caller

Andy Wilson

--> Andy does Pie Ranch's monthly Barn Dance but also does calling for hire for events; he's great for all ages/experience levels. He also did the sound system for our ceremony. barn-dance.html


County Line Pickers

Jim Davies

--> Pie Ranch's "house" bluegrass band, great musicians although Jim can be hard to get ahold of


Liz used someone else for our wedding, but from a photo shoot she did, she highly rec's Melissa Hoffmann


Tartine Bakery

--> chocolate soufflé cakes were a big hit!!

Mission Pie

415.282.4PIE --> alas, they are closed now!


Hiro Utsuwa

Utsuwa Floral Design

1288 Polk St (@ Bush)


--> his prices are reasonable and he made some beautiful arrangements (he's especially good with succulents)

...for table flowers we used ones from our yard in reused milk jars, which ended up being very pretty: