Kids on Bikes

Why you should consider getting a bike:

What you need to ride with kid(s)

Riding with infants?

Many doctors advise waiting until ~9 months to bike with a child, due to concerns that bumps in the road could be bad for infants...we didn't bike with our older kid until he was over a year old, but with our younger one we started around 9-10 months...and apparently in the Netherlands it's common to bike with very young infants (often in a car seat). It seems a bit of a double standard since we generally don't think twice about letting infants go in a car down a dirt country road...? I'd probably be comfortable with taking a young baby on smooth asphalt, especially if the bike has good shocks.

Cargo (e-)bikes & kids

Almost any normal bike can carry a kid with a Yepp seat, but you may decide to upgrade for the same reasons we did:

Models to check out

Shops, groups & accessories

The New Wheel - awesome electric bike shop in San Francisco and Larkspur (Marin), very knowledgeable and helpful; they let you do test rides with your kids...their bikes are pretty pricey but they only carry high-quality models that should last you a long time. Their YouTube channel is also helpful for learning about e-bikes.

Rolling Jackass Kickstand - this has an awful name and costs a lot, but if you can afford it, it's worth it if you're regularly transporting kids—it makes the bike super-stable, so I feel comfortable with Adam climbing on/off the bike on his own --> Note: the new "Gen 2" 2021 Tern GSD has an "Atlas" kickstand that supposedly is just as good

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition - if you live in San Francisco, you should join this group that advocates for safer bicycle infrastructure across the City—they do some great work

Safe Routes & Safety

Sometimes other parents ask me if I feel safe riding on a bike with my kids. I do...but that's largely because I'm careful about how I bike and what routes I take.

Some general advice on safe biking:

...that being said, I live in a part of San Francisco that has pretty decent bike infrastructure (at least compared to most of North America); you have to evaluate your community/neighborhood yourself