Ice cream recipes

The following recipes assume that you have some kind of ice cream maker.

The Wirecutter recommends a relatively-inexpensive (~$70) Cuisinart brand, although they also mention more expensive of which we have: the Lello Musso Lussino. It's super-expensive, but it makes the best ice cream (many professionals use it—the main difference between it and a restaurant machine is lower capacity)

Vanilla Ice Cream (Rich French Custard Style)

This is a luscious, rich, eggy version of vanilla ice cream that does best with good ingredients (good vanilla, milk, etc). Roughly based on David Lebowitz's recipe in The Perfect Scoop (we use less sugar & more yolks than he calls for).

Rich Chocolate Ice Cream

This is a chocolate-lover's dream, with a smooth mouthfeel and dark chocolate flavor. Adapted from The New Best Recipe by America's Test Kitchen.

Peach Ice Cream

Adapted from America's Test Kitchen's strawberry ice cream recipe. Their trick is to add the fruit chunks near the end, so they don't end up like little frozen ice cubes inside the ice cream.